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Horror Mags

One for horror film geeks: Famous Monsters of Filmland is being relaunched (yet again!) this summer as a quarterly. America’s first horror film title, the Jim Warren published & Forry Ackerman edited mag was a strong influence on many leading film directors of today (and a few magazine editors!). Comics publisher IDW is handling the relaunch, but what a messy cover! The Rich Corben visual’s a joke, the topline & the IDW box don’t fit the space… Maybe they should stick to comics! Dynacomm’s 1990s relaunch (pic 6) did it so much better. Hopefully so will my toe-in-the-water HoH limited edition collection thingie (pic 8) when I eventually get around to doing it.

Horror Montage

When I first posted the above visual on Facebook, it led to a rush of comments…

Dave King: Totally agreed on the FM cover. I thought it was a joke when I first saw it. Not laughing now, mind… A relaunch for HoH!? How fab! When’s it hitting?

David Flint: An HoH relaunch? Interesting…

Nick Setchfield: At least they’ve kept the logo, but what an insane cover choice, especially as an old school painting of a Predator would have looked terrific.

Stephen Hooker: Relaunch HoH!!!! And I’ll beat path to your door!

Alan John Dempsey: An HoH relaunch would be fantastic, Dez. Count me in!

Adam Blavatsky: Me too, Dez- ah, those were the days……..:-)

Adrian Salmon: Get that HoH launched Dez ! People are gagging here…

Cavan Scott: I’d buy a new issue of HoH. Hell, I’d buy two!

Alan Woollcombe: Dunno when your HoH is set to relaunch but how about a piece on soon-to-be-flattened Bray Studios (

Gerry Turnbull: Dez, are you really relaunching HoH? I still have all my originals in the mail away binders!

Dave Reeder (who edited the 1980s relaunch): Halls of Horror? Seems to me I remember that…

Andrew Ralton: Loved HoH. As a horror magazine with top graphical artists it’s never been bettered, IMHO.

John Gibben: Hey Dez, i note you changed the colour from that horrible yellow to black on issue 1 on this cover, good call imo ;- ) Looking forward to the relaunch should it happen.

Des Glass: Can’t wait for the new HoH Dez, do you have a possible launch date for it? Always thought that a complete Van Helsing’s Terror Tales trade paperback would be brilliant, any chance?

John Gibben: Well, if and when on both HoH and VH trade paperback I’m in for buying ‘em, Dez ;- )

Nick Neocleous: Sounds like a great trade paperback Dez, all those great strips by Bolton, Neary, Lewis etc. Would have loved to have seen a new painted cover though.

To which I replied: Wouldn’t we all, Nick. Brian Lewis is sadly missed and a tough act to follow…

Stephen Hooker: Brian Lewis was the first comic pro, for me, anyway, who seemed human and happy to be at cons rather than looking like he’d like to be somewhere else.

John Gibben: Brian Lewis was indeed a class act.

To which I replied: He was a definite one-off. The stories I could tell (some more adult than others)…

At which point it digressed somewhat, culminating in me saying I really should move the discussion elsewhere, and here it is! (Posting of new comments for this section temporarily disabled.)

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16 Responses to “Horror Mags”


Jim C says:

Hi Dez.

I’d just like to say how much I’m enjoying your site.

In your Fanzine section you mention an interview with Joe Colquhoun that appeared in Fantasy Advertiser. I’m a big fan of his work. Is there any chance of it being reprinted?


lavelle roehm says:

Any update on the HoH special, Dez? Hoping it’s still on…

Jon says:

Hi Steve
How can I get in contact with you regarding my mags? Apologies for using the site as well!


Steve Reed says:

In reply to Jon, I would be interested in your mag collection of HoH. Apologies to Dez for turning this into a trade off and good luck with the special when it comes out.

Mike Scott says:

Dez wrote: A recent issue had a well-meant dedication. Well-meant, but badly typeset. It appeared in print as “Dedicated to Forrest Jackerman”.

Probably thanks to Forry not using a “.” after the “J” and somebody making a correction that shouldn’t have been made.

Also, HoH #1 is fairly common in the US. Might have been a warehouse find?

Hope you get the special issue printed!

Jon says:

Thank you for your comments on my collection. Is there anyone on this forum who would be interested in buying these magazines?
Many thanks

Dez Skinn says:

Here’s a hoot. Taking this strand back to its kickoff point, I started out bemoaning the look of the revived Famous Monsters of Filmland. Now I can bemoan the proofreading too…

A recent issue had a well-meant dedication. Well-meant, but badly typeset. It appeared in print as “Dedicated to Forrest Jackerman”.

Conjures up a rather disturbing image, that!

Dez Skinn says:

I guess I qualify as “anyone” as much as anybody else would, Jon! Having tried, often unsuccessfully, to replenish gaps in our file copies I’ve become aware of how expensive some of those early issues of House of Hammer are!

Unsold returns of the first six issues were bundled off to Australia for somewhat late distribution there. It was only with issue seven that we overprinted sufficient copies for export. So the first six are real killers and can be seen selling on eBay for anywhere between £10 and £30 each (in high grade). This is what has prompted me to do a collection of these early adaptations. They’re way overpriced!

Putting on my Antiques Roadshow head, I’d say that with the binders included you’re sitting on something worth up to £300 in all. So be careful how you sit on them!

Jon says:

Can anyone tell me how much a good condition run of HoH #1-25 would be? I have them in the original binders which were for sale through the magazine at the time.

Many thanks

Lew Stringer says:

Any update on the HoH special Dez? Hoping it’s still on.

Jon Beckett says:

Just wondering, will the HoH relaunch be a collection of reprints of the marvellous comic strip film adaptations from the original mag? I hope so. Good luck, I hope it’s a roaring success

So is House of Hammer/Halls of Horror actually coming back?
My blog covers horror movie magazines extensively so I’d love to have some good news to share with my readers!

Dez Skinn says:

Think it is live Gerry…