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It’s so frustrating, the number of blatant spam messages that have to be sifted through and deleted each day. But then, somewhere in the middle of them there will be one little nugget which deserves approval. Here are the nuggets to date…

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Old Dotch says:

Hi Dez,

I was 13 when I stopped buying Super Spider-Man and Mighty World of Marvel (two weeks after your Marvel Revolution hit them). To be fair, I did continue with Marvel UK, buying Savage Sword of Conan and Rampage Monthly. Buying the US colour monthlies at that time was not an option for me as I lived in rural Ayrshire with nowhere to get them. This arrangement wasn’t entirely satisfactory as Spider-Man was my favourite strip and it wasn’t until about six or seven years later that I caught up with his adventures, buying back issues (of the US editions) from the many comic shops and marts that sprung up in the 1980s.

While I’m here – am I the only one who thinks that modern US comics are all completely crap?


Old Dotch

ken hawkins says:

Dear Dez, Great site! I wondered what you were up to after doing your knockout Comics International. I still own most of your magazine output, House of Hammer was brilliant and it was the beautiful uncluttered covers that first attracted me but what do I know? I like Dangermouse!

Talking of HoH, was the title change forced on you by upstairs as things seemed to go downhill after that.

Oh! I’ve a Buster Book of Spooky Stories signed by you, but for years I thought it read “Edited by Boz Skinn”.

Funny the things you find when you go shopping for gas mantles!


Dear Dez – I happened upon this, your website, purely by accident and feel I must thank you for contributing to my childhood alongside such titans as Jon Pertwee and Aurora model kits. Mags like House of Hammer and Monster Mag gave me such pleasure when I was a kid, and now thanks to eBay and other sources, do so again.
I remember pretty well the afternoon I got MM volume 2 no 1 – loved the two posters and couldn’t believe all these back issues were up for grabs in exchange for a simple ‘postal order’ as it was then.
I had all those World of Horror and Legend Horror Classics mags plastered all over my walls as well -all now back in my possession – my little boy loves it all.
Thanks again for all the great images and written pieces and best of luck with all you are involved in, especially this great site.

Best wishes


Steve Reed says:

Really, really enjoying your history of House of Hammer/Halls of Horror Dez, superb stuff. It is great to hear how tightly things ran, and how you managed to group all the great writers and artists together – what a magnificent time you all must have had making such a quality mag.

I’ve just started reading the Starburst feature now and look forward to Volume 2 of HoH. Great site too!

mike says:

Hi Dez,

Just found your site via the post on the Mausoleum Club. Your site is fantastic. I bought all those monster magazines in the ’70s but my favourite was and still is the original run of House of Hammer/Halls of Horror. I still have all the issues in the binders (I had to replace a few issues cause they were literally held together with Sellotape as they had been thumbed through so much). Everything from the cover paintings to the strips and articles were exceptional and now reading your site I can see how much work and inspiration you brought to the magazine.

Dez: Did you ever keep any of those brilliant original Brian Lewis paintings?

I’m really looking forward to the rest of your memories of House of Hammer and your other magazines.

Best Wishes


lee says:

I’ve enjoyed reminiscing through your site – through Halls of Horror to Warrior. I loved Warrior and it was my reintroduction to comics (aged 9!) after my parents stopped buying me 2000 AD.

I was very sad to see it end, I used to buy it from the bus station here in Banbury, and got the back issues through my dad taking us to Lewisham! Obviously Alan Moore was a big part of its success, but the variety of strips/styles made it work.

Comics International was great too, shame to see that die off the way it did.

I’m glad we got to see the end of V for Vendetta and Marvelman at least!

Great site Dez, enjoying your memories.

Keep it up!

Old Dotch says:

Hi Dez

I have just spent hours reading your website which I find to be completely engrossing and hugely informative. I was one of the Marvel UK buyers who jumped ship when you revolutionised the titles. I was interested to read your arguments about the increased panel count in the new weeklies being better value – I just remember being really pissed off at the time. Anyway, you are now forgiven, and in fact have been ever since you launched Comics International.

Keep up the good work on this website, I am loving it.

All best wishes

Old Dotch

Ditto. I’m another avid reader.

Norman Boyd says:

PLEASE do not give up, you’re just getting started. I get loads of spam but when the comments and shared stuff comes, it makes it all worth it. I have a personal interest in one guy you and Dave G met and look forward to the day you share something about the man….anybody guess who?
Keep sharing Dez, we are reading but don’t want to burden you with dribbly comments like “this is great!” as I’m sure in your days of editing you got enough of those!

Lew Stringer says:

Stick at it Dez! Your anecdotes on UK comics are fascinating and much-missed since the demise of Comics International.

Dez Skinn says:

Thanks for that, Simon, even if I don’t know you’re comparing me to! BTW, click Simon’s name to link to his wonderful blog. Highly recommended.

simontm says:

Alright Dez

Mea Culpa didn’t realise you were here!

Keep going, after all if Phil can…

Dez Skinn says:

Cheers for that, oh fellow backroom boy! It’s always irked me that if a title’s a flop, the anonymous editor often sinks with the ship while artists still get the advantage of exposure. Truth to tell, that’s why I’ve always slapped my name on anything I’ve done. The crew gets a credit, so why not the captain!

As for The Monster Club… Do I shout out “spoilers” as I haven’t got anywhere near that one yet? A thousand copies for a Cannes promo is the answer though, so congratulations if you’ve got a copy!

James Hill says:

Hi, Dez

The lack of comments has surprised me, too – as your historical essays have been great reading.

I’ve been a longtime follower of your work (since HoH #1) and always enjoy your reminisces. You were the fourth comics professional whose name I recognised in print (after Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Roy Thomas – so some pretty good company there). In fact, I think you went a long way to inspire my own twenty year career as an editor on such titles as Postman Pat and My Little Pony, through to things like Hot Wheels, UK Batman and (shudder) a Mills & Boon puzzle mag.

Comic artists and writers get loads of deserved attention, but I’m fascinated by the many and varied editorial decisions – compromises big and small – that contribute to the overall success or failure of a magazine – both creatively and financially. In many ways, the journey is only just starting once a page has been drawn…

Anyway, please keep up the good work. I check out the site most days (and by ‘most’ I mean ‘every’), and think it’s a brilliant archive.

As an aside, do you remember how many copies of Monster Club you printed for Milton Subotsky?



Dez Skinn says:

Cheers Tim. You might be right about some new work being done for the 1970s IPC library titles, but as I never came across their office in five years, I wouldn’t know!

Tim Bateman says:

Dez! No, you’re not wasting your time. Keep up the good work!

Or give up and spend your time here talking about your brush with War Picture Library and the like (and I don’t THINK that they were ALL reprint in the early ’70s):