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WARRIOR: Winner of 17 Eagle awards – starring Marvelman & V for Vendetta

Available back issues of Britain’s best-loved fantasy anthology. The James Dean of comics, it burned out after 26 glorious issues, having internationally established the careers of Alan Moore, Alan Davis, David Lloyd, Garry Leach, John Bolton and a host more. 52 pages, magazine sized, black and white interiors. All are first edition copies and damage free, except for light browning to interior paper stock through age and the lightest of bumps to the covers.

Warrior 2

WARRIOR #2 £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 3

WARRIOR #3 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 4 - Summer Special 1982

WARRIOR #4 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 5

WARRIOR #5 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 6

WARRIOR #6 - sorry, out of stock

Warrior 7

WARRIOR #7 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 8

WARRIOR #8 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 9

WARRIOR #9 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 10

WARRIOR #10 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 11

WARRIOR #11 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 12

WARRIOR #12 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 13

WARRIOR #13 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 14

WARRIOR 14 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 15

WARRIOR 15 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 16

WARRIOR #16 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 17

WARRIOR #17 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Warrior 20

Warrior 20 - sorry, out of stock

Warrior 23

Warrior 23 - sorry, out of stock

While the title ran for 26 glorious issues, we’re sadly out of stock of the rest.

Warrior back issues
Which issues?

Overseas buyers: Please email us at stating which issues you would like and we will send a customised Paypal invoice, with postage & packing charged strictly at cost price.


HoH 7

HAMMER #7 - out of stock

HoH 14

HAMMER #14 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

HoH 15

HAMMER #15 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

HoH 18

HAMMER #18 - out of stock

HoH 22

HAMMER #22 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

HoH 23

HAMMER #23 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

HoH 25

HAMMER #25 - totally out of stock

HoH 26

HAMMER #26 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

HoH 27

HAMMER #27 - totally out of stock

HoH 28

HAMMER #28 - totally out of stock

HoH 29

HAMMER #29 - totally out of stock

HoH 30

HAMMER #30 - totally out of stock

Apologies so many are selling fast and out of stock. We must have done something right!

Hammer back issues
Which issues?

Overseas buyers: Please email us at stating which issues you would like and we will send a customised Paypal invoice, with postage & packing charged strictly at cost price.


Starburst 1

STARBURST 1 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Starburst 2

STARBURST 2 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Starburst 3

STARBURST 3 - £3.50/e4.00/$6.00

Starburst 4

STARBURST 4 - totally out of stock

Starburst 5

STARBURST 5 - totally out of stock

Starburst 6

STARBURST 6 - totally out of stock

Sadly, we’re down to only having in stock the first three issues of Britain’s first-ever science fiction media magazine.

Starburst – UK and overseas
Which issues?

COMICS INTERNATIONAL – the industry trade paper

CI (as we liked to call it) was a classic success story, rising out of a hole in the market. It launched at 4,000 copies, 48 typewritten pages on black and white newsprint. It peaked at 74,000 copies. 144 pages, full colour on glossy stock. See what happens when you find and fill a gap? I personally edited and published the first 200 issues before moving on.

Here are a few samples of which we still have copies in stock…

CI 2 and specialsCI 181 195 200

CI 2 (May 1990) £2.95: 48 pages on Turtles, TSR, Eagle cancellation, Knights of Pendragon, Glasgow Comi Art Convention, and a special feature on Fleetway’s 100th celebration. Sales figures May 1990 US & UK titles.

CI Spring Preview (May 1993) : 32 pages exclusively on superhero boom with over 375 new titles launching from DC, Malibu, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image… Temporarily out of stock.

CI Expo Special (Aug 1993) £1.75 : 24 page introduction to US and UK comics, both the history and new titles, as a tie-in with Capital Radio’s 1993 London Expo. Simon Bisley cover art.

CI #181 (Feb 2005) £1.95 : 68 pages, colour. First look at the V for Vendetta film, with article on the title’s history, Will Eisner tributes and feature…

CI #195 (Apr 2006) £1.95 : 68 pages, colour. V for Vendetta film controversy (Moore, Lloyd, Silver, Levitz), Judge Dredd, licensing, NYC con launch…

CI #200 (Nov 2006) £2.95 : 100 squarebound pages, colour. Skinn’s swansong issue. Steve Niven sketchbook, Peter David on fans never listening, Arthur Ranson’s Top 10 books…

CI 196-198

Comics International

Boys’ Toys, Students, Superheroes and The King

Toy Max - Ace - MM - JKQ covers
Toy Max #1 (June 2003) £2.95: Our attempt at something a bit different, hoping to get back in to UK newsagents. “The toughest in the playground”, Toy Max was a 100 page heavy glossy looking at big boys’ toys, from Sid Vicious to The Matrix plus a 16-page Star Wars price guide. The trade yawned, we never produced an issue 2. Shame really.

Ace Comics (July 2005) £1.95: Putting something back in, Dez tutored then published ten comic strips by Brighton & Hove City College students on the Foundation: Art & Design course. A 20,000 print run, distributed free around cafes and bars in East Sussex, this was a full colour glossy title.

Miracleman #1 (Aug 1985) £4.95: We’d always intended to gather the Warrior serials up into US colour comics and graphic novels (not that such existed back then!). This was our first: a full colour co-production with California’s Eclipse Comics. A 32-page colour standard US format comicbook reprinting the Alan Moore/Garry Leach strips from Warrior #1-3. The character name was changed to avoid any more legal action from mighty Marvel.

Jack Kirby Quarterly #15 (Nov 2008) £3.95: This website’s own webmistress had been a regular contributor to Comics International. She’d also [published 14 issues of JKQ before the project stalled due to finance. Dez rushed to the rescue, resulting in a 68 page colour glossy final issue celebrating the King of Comics.

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