Quality Communications Central (aka Chez Dez)Dez Skinn
Quality Communications
345 Ditchling Road
Brighton BN1 6JJ
East Sussex

Tel: 0(1144) 1273 566 222

As we’ve shown the Brighton home of Quality (above right) and it seems a shame to waste an entire section on just a few lines, while we’re here let’s answer a few questions with a trip around the offices while everybody’s at lunch…

Turret and main office

With living quarters below, Quality occupies the full third floor of the building. Left: The first visual peeks into the turret with three work stations and, the house being located on top of the highest hill in town, has the best views of the Sussex Downs, the south coast and out to Roedean. Little work gets done in there! Middle: Part of the main office. Without any windows most of the work gets done in there! Right: Another side of the main office.

landing and back office

Left: Swinging around 180 degrees from the last pic, looking out of the front office to the top landing. Middle: Looking from the landing into the back office and beyond. Right: Inside the back office, Dez’s cluttered desk and bookcases. With the building being south facing, we can even get sun tans while we’re working!

library kitchen and storeroom

Left: Part of our library area. It’s amazing the number of books, magazines and comics you can amass over a few decades, albeit well-thumbed reference copies! The area is made up of seven long bookcases, several filing cabinets and a bunch of Dexion shelving. Middle: The key ingredient in any office – the kitchen! But even that doesn’t escape bookcases and another of those lovely old spinning racks! The open door leads into our bulging storeroom, full of boxloads of paperwork going back to the 1960s. Right: How we keep fit, the dreaded stairwell! 34 stairs in all to leap up and down every time a parcel arrives (just counted them!).