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An example of the tender loving care given to recreating these 1970s screen screamers. Around a full day is given to every page, three or more to the giant posters.

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Back in print: MONSTER MAG #1

First published in 1973, this ground-breaking forerunner to such lurid titles as Fangoria and Gorezone is a highly sought-after item. On the infrequent times they are offered on eBay, even “well-loved” copies with corner pin-pricks and remnants of blu-tack are quickly snapped up for over £25 a copy.

So, following the wonderful reception for the long-overdue English language version of issue 2 and the Double X Special, a digitally remastered reprint of issue one is now on offer.
Identical to the original in size, paper stock and content, it can only be recognised as a 2014 edition by the Quality Q replacing the Warner Bros W on the cover’s masthead (to prevent any unscrupulous sorts attempting to pass it off as the 1973 edition!).

As a nice entry point for new readers, we are offering a THREE POUND DISCOUNT on this issue. Check the correct territory box below for orders to UK (inc Northern Ireland), Europe or US & Oz (includes all of North & South America, Asia and Australasia).

Special intro price with shipping:

UK (£3.00 off) £8.20
Europe (£3.00 off) £10.90
Rest of world (£3.00 off) £11.90

In English at last! – MONSTER MAG issue 2!

Believe it or not, the long-lost second issue of MONSTER MAG is finally available as an English language edition… over 41 years late!

Monster Mag 2

Deemed unsuitable for an all-age market, the entire print run to the English language MM #2 was destroyed by Customs & Excise in 1973, leaving an annoying gap for collectors who have snapped up the German and French editions for as much as £1000 each, just to complete their collection!

Series creator Roger Noel Cook and 1975 relaunch editor Dez Skinn have now come together to produce an authentic limited edition full-size reproduction of this absurdly rare item on superb heavy glossy paper.

Identical to the destroyed edition except for Quality’s symbol replacing the original Warner Bros one on the cover and a reference to the digital remastering in the editorial block (to avoid any naughty passing off) it is now finally available!

Prices with shipping:

UK inc p&p £11.20
Europe inc p&p £13.90
Rest of world inc p&p £14.90

MONSTER MAG issue 3 – one of the goriest!

Major contributor to a forthcoming book on the Dr Phibes films, Mark Ferelli said of MM#3 “Fond memories of this phenomenal third issue of the mag that took all our perceptions of movie horror to a completely new level! As mind blowing and intoxicating today as was those forty plus year ago.”

Lovingly remastered with hi-res colours more vibrant than even a newsstand-fresh 1973 original, this issue focuses on Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, Twins of Evil and Vault of Horror plus an MM-style gore-adoring roundup “Victims of Horror”.

Prices with shipping:

UK inc p&p £11.20
Europe inc p&p £13.90
Rest of world inc p&p £14.90

MONSTER MAG issue 4 & 5 – a double whammy special offer

While nothing like the original 40-odd year gap between issues 17 and 18, there was a publishing gap after our digitally restored issue three.

So we bounced back with a double whammy special offer… Two new/old issues at a discount price!

Issue four focuses on Doctor Death, Satanic Rites of Dracula, the Gorilla Cult and a Fear File on Peter Cushing.

Issue 5 includes the old Steve McQueen film The Blob plus features on Death Heads, Alien Monsters and the Living Dead. Plus a great Damien Thomas Twins of Evil poster

Prices with shipping:

UK inc p&p £11.20
Europe inc p&p £13.90
Rest of world inc p&p £14.90

MM 18 – the Double X Special!

Promised in 1976, delivered in 2014!

Never let it be said that we don’t keep promises… eventually! In Monster Mag Volume 2 #3 (aka: issue 17, 1976), we said that our very next issue would be a DOUBLE X SPECIAL. And it is. (It just took a little longer than intended because something named House of Hammer took over Dez’s time!).

Continuing its huge 13″ x 9.5″ page size, with overviews of Dario Argento and Paul Naschy, plus picture-packed reviews of Horror Rises From the Tomb and Horror Express, “Six of the Best”, our very first letters column and…

A poster image that awakened many a young lad’s fancy when first seen on the silver screen, and has remained an iconic image ever since. Of such are 2ft x 3ft posters made!

Prices with shipping:
UK inc p&p £11.20
Europe inc p&p £13.90
Rest of world inc p&p £14.90

Celebrating the horror hits of 76 – MONSTER MAG issue 19!

Keepin’ on keepin’ on and back to stay – AN ALL-NEW ISSUE!

The reception to our gap-filler issues in the original 1970s run of Monster Mag has been so positive, that (to paraphrase Curtis Mayfield) we’re just keepin’ on keepin’ on… with a brand new issue.

So, whether you were there and want to revisit your nostalgia or simply wish you had been, the sequentially cover dated January 1977 issue (volume 2 issue 5, or number 19 as we prefer to call it!) presents a words and pix roundup of all the best terror-fiers that 1976 had to offer… (and quite a few of the damp squibs too).

Carrie! The Omen! To the Devil a Daughter! Death Trap! Land of the Minotaur! Jack The Ripper! And lots, lots more from 1976. Being the January 1977 issue, Monster Mag 19 looks back on 25 horror films released in 1976… the best and the rest!

All in vivid colour on our fabulous large 13″ x 9.5″ page size and with TWO giant posters this issue.

Spoil you? Of course we do!

Prices with shipping:

UK inc p&p £11.20
Europe inc p&p £13.90
Rest of world inc p&p: £14.90

Celebrating House of Hammer – it’s MONSTER MAG issue 20!


People keep telling us that most of those House of Hammer covers are worthy of being posters (even Hammer Films boss Michael Carreras said they were betteer than his film posters). So who are we to argue? This issue presents no less than three of ace artist Brian Lewis’s cover paintings, all as giant posters.

Plus the inside story on just how the magazine got started, why it changed its name so often and just what went wrong with the cover to issue #1.

All this plus a look at the censored art from our adaptation of Vampire Circus. That’s MONSTER MAG #20 – now shipping.

Prices with shipping:

UK inc p&p £11.20
Europe inc p&p £13.90
Rest of world inc p&p: £14.90

And now, the all-new – MONSTER MAG issue 21!

It’s May 1977 and we’re celebrating the BBC’s entry into Hammer’s domain. With special features on the BBC “Play of the Year”… Count Dracula, starring Louis Jourdan and a look back at 1973’s three-hour Frankenstein: The True Story.

Plus we turn the spotlight on new kid on the block David Cronenberg and his budget-busting entry into the horror stakes, Shivers. And we review the current 1977 crop and crap that are Tentacles, Audrey Rose and The Worm Eaters.

Plus, because you demanded it, a three foot by two foot classic poster of Christopher Lee as the Frankenstein monster. And of course your ever-loving letters. That’s MONSTER MAG #21 – On sale now!

Prices with shipping:

UK inc p&p £11.20
Europe inc p&p £13.90
Rest of world inc p&p: £14.90


You’ve been asking, but we’ve been keeping it a secret – until now! We have limited stocks in house, ready for mailing, of all five Quality Monster Mag posters, fold free!

Dispatched in a customised sturdy 28″ mailing tube to prevent damage, these heavyweight posters – on the same magnificent 150gsm glossy paper stock as the magazine – are £3.00 each, plus postage.

The post & packing charge to UK buyers, at £6.00 needs to be added to all Paypal orders. This may seem high but is because of the length of the mailing tube required which makes it too large for the inland small parcel rate. But the good news is that postage and packing cost remains the same wherever in the world you may be, whether you buy one, two, three,four or all five posters…

Prices ex shipping:

Full set of 5 ex p&p £15.00
Four posters ex p&p £15.00
Three posters ex p&p £19.00
Two posters ex p&p £6.00
One poster ex p&p £3.00
…plus postage & packing at £6.00 (UK), £10 (Europe), £12 (rest of world)
And when buying MM Posters don’t forget to add a note telling us which ones!


Another set of three classic posters from MONSTER MAG! All flat and unfolded, and ready for mailing!








Three of Brian Lewis’s classic cover paintings for House of Hammer are now available as standalone posters – from issues 7, 12 and 17. Mailed in a customised sturdy mailing tube to prevent damage And whether you buy only one, or two or all three, the postage cost remains the same.

Prices for UK buyers

UK full set of 3 £15.00
UK two posters £12.00
UK one poster £9.00

7, 12, 17 – which ones?

Prices for overseas buyers

full set of 3 £17.00 GB Pounds
two posters £14.00 GBP
one poster £10.00 GBP

full set of 3 £20.00 GB Pounds
two posters £7.00 GBP
one poster £14.00 GBP
7, 12, 17 – which ones?

And if it’s House of Hammer itself (or Warrior, which continued the Shandor: Demon Stalker saga, alongside V for Vendetta and Marvelman) that you’re looking to buy, click here… House of Hammer.


Instant catch-up: BUY THREE AND GET ONE FREE!

Now you can get the long-lost 1973 second issue of Monster Mag (41 years late!) AND the long-promised Monster Mag Double X Special (issue 18, a mere 41 years late!)… plus a digitally remastered reprint of issue one AND issue 19 at a special get-up-to-speed-you-fresher price including subsidised shipping costs!

Prices with shipping

UK 4 for 3 offer inc p&p £31.20
Europe 4 for 3 offer inc p&p £34.95
US and Canada inc p&p £36.95 GBP
Asia and Australasia inc p&p £36.95

The Monster Mag Volume Binder

Temporarily out of stock

Now that we’ve finally published the long-lost issue two, there’s only one thing you need to complete your collection… a volume binder!

Modelled here by editor Dez, this beautiful volume binder will fit up to 24 full-size (or smaller) issues in a single large format leather-style folder with plastic-coated spine rods to slide between the middle pages and safely hold each issue in place. Title logo in gold down the spine.


sorry, now out of stockBritain’s favourite scream queen in her own magazine at last!

Showcasing her time in film and modelling, from The Golden Voyage of Sinbad to Hammer horror to James Bond 007, this regular A4 sized title includes almost 40 high quality colour shots of Caroline – including scarce photos from her personal archive – and a great poster which opens out to almost 3ft x 2ft.


CaroLines – a personal introduction to the magazine

Filmography – probably the most complete ever, from 1966 to 2014

Fact File – everything you EVER wanted to know about Caroline Munro

I Never Expected To Be An Actress – how it all began, in Caroline’s own words

Up Close and Personal – a three page interview

…Plus 40 fab full colour photos, including some never-before-seen from Caroline’s personal collection!


In May 2016, the Doctor Who magazine celebrates reaching issue 500. In honour of this occasion, we have produced a highly limited facsimile of the original 1979 scissor and paste-up dummy magazine which was assembled out of cutouts of anything from Famous Monsters of Filmland to 2000 AD to show the BBC how such a new title would look.

No collection can be complete without this unique item, complete with its editor’s notes and ideas scribbled across the mock-up’s pages.

Comes with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a special loose-leafed insert, “A Letter from the Dezter” recalling how this all came to be.

“The ‘dummy’ version of Doctor Who Weekly issue 1 is a rather amazing thing…”

…Tom Spilsbury, editor: Doctor Who Magazine

But you have to be quick around here, this one is also SOLD OUT. Sorry.


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